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Sending the right message to the right person at the right time is no monkey business.

Don't just send out mass-emails. Establish a strong personal relationship with of each of your contact, based on their interests and motivations. Move your contacts to action.

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Manage your donations, donors, volunteers, contacts and e-mail campaigns.

Get more donations, win your campaigns, recruit more volunteers. It's so easy, even a politician can use it.



Build stronger relationships with your contacts by having all interactions in the same tool. Assign nearly unlimited tags. Identify what moves each contact to action. Establish a one-on-one relationship with each contact.



Build your list and expand your tribe through referrals. Have your supporters refer their friends to your cause. Identify influencers within your contacts to move your contacts to action.


E-mail Campaigns

Design beautiful e-mails for every platform (even Outlook) with our drag-and-drop MJML builder. Send personal and targetted messages that are meaningful and inspire action.


Rich Analytics

Get rich data to understand your contacts and campaigns. Automatically and manually tag users to identify them better.


Highest Delivery Rate

Experience our industry-leading e-mail delivery rate, our intelligent algorithms make sure your e-mails end up in inboxes. The systems we use send over 10 million e-mails a day!



No need to manage a different donation system. We handle your donations, automatically send your receipts and tag your donors.

Use the power of referrals to grow!

We enable your supporters to canvass digitally, increasing your reach and impact through the power of referral.

  • Automatically expand your list by having your supporters refer you to their contacts.
  • Identify the preferences of your contacts to personalize your messaging.
  • Understand which one of your contacts support your cause, so you know who to target.

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The highest level of security and privacy

Our system is designed and built with security and privacy at its core.

  • You, and you alone, control who can see your data. By default, no one else can.
  • We don't use your data for anything other than whatever you want.
  • We automatically remove all your data in seconds after you close your account.

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